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Cafe Uniforms Style Guide – What To Wear

Coffee Shop Uniforms

It’s not always about the food – getting your cafe staff uniform right is important too!

Ok, so the food is probably at the top of the list in terms of how you’re hoping to bowl over your customers, but are your customers even going to get that far if your team are doing the rounds in spattered t-shirts?

Don’t overlook the finer details. Even if you only have an on-brand staff apron, that will at leastgive your team the distinction over another customer, and will protect their own clothes. With our help, these can be perfectly matched to your business, with an embroidered logo and your preferred colours.

Dressing up or dressing down?

It’s not uncommon to see staff “at ease” in their working environment on a quite day, checking their phone or chatting to colleagues or friends who have stopped by. 

Other establishments will have staff standing to attention at all times so as to maintain the level of standards people may have queued a long time to experience.

Within our range you’ll find cafe uniform garments to suit both ends of this spectrum and everything in between. 

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll look to source it. With access to a large supply chain, and an in-house design team, you can expect a quick turnaround on your uniforms, with your approval before we get going on your creations.

Your house style

Just because you can have pretty well any garment in any colour, doesn’t mean you should. Sure, if you make a point to deliberately mis-match teapots with different coloured lids, then an eclectic t-shirt and apron get-up might suit your cafe down to the ground. Maybe you even get your staff to where odd socks (just putting it out there).

You can pare back or ramp up certain elements of your uniform to suit your cafe, but it’s best not to go to an extreme. A bright orange bib apron over a black poplin shirt could work well in a colourful cafe, but switch in an understated neutral waist apron and your staff may look like they’ve wandered in from nondescript coffee house chain. 

Change it up

Giving your cafe an overhaul? Give your cafe staff uniform a wardrobe update too. We can even get started on the designs and over-all look for your cafe staff uniforms based on a mood (or Pinterest) board, to give you advanced sight of how your team will look in their new environment. 

You can give us the specifics or simply explain what style you’d like to go for, and we’ll help you get there, with embroidered logos, custom colours and the right garment combo. 

Just remember if there are cats involved to maybe go for something with long sleeves….

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